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CHCI Human Capital Consulting

CHCI helps clients improve their employee’s levels of inspiration and performance by aligning their strategic vision with their human capital strategy.

We advise our clients on strategies to attract, inspire and retain their workforce through the use of impactful and measurable human capital best practices. Through a comprehensive and thoughtful understanding of our clients’ needs, we work with them to customize a roadmap to achieve a “Return on People (ROP).” CHCI analyzes your current state, organizational environment and strategic and operational plans to identify steps forward that lead to measurable outcomes.

To achieve our clients’ goals, our interventions will include developing a human capital strategy:

  • Determining the current levels of employee inspiration through a talent maturity assessment
  • Identifying gaps between current and desired performance
  • Conducting comprehensive analysis of assessment data and preparing recommendations
  • Developing quantifiable projections of potential improvements in employee engagement and productivity
  • Documenting both the results of the assessment and opportunities for improvement
  • Assisting the client in developing a human capital strategy, timeline and steps for implementation
  • Developing measurable organizational outcomes

CHCI believes in a holistic approach to Human Capital Management (HCM). For organizations to move beyond “HR” toward a strategic approach to talent management, the critical components must be integrated. Moreover, all HCM activity must be driven by and aligned to the organizational mission and objectives.

Finally, HCM initiatives should be measured and analyzed to determine which initiatives have the greatest impact and how HCM can be improved continuously. Our approach is best described by the illustration below.

HCM Diagram

For more information: Allan Schweyer allanschweyer@centerforhci.org 703-624-2011

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Technology Solutions

Saba Software, Inc.Saba is a leading people management solution provider that partners with federal agencies, systems integrators and federal workforce thought leaders like CHCI to shape the federal workforce of the 21st century by providing strategic solutions, expertise and communities that enable federal agencies to accomplish their missions and drive organizational performance by enabling and empowering their people. Saba provides comprehensive, collaborative people management solutions for learning management, performance reviews and goals, leadership development, succession planning, workforce planning, compensation and collaboration to many of the largest federal departments and agencies including US Army, US Navy, Department of Health & Human Services, and the Internal Revenue Service.

For more information: Joshua Louckl jloucks@saba.com 301-987-1007

Technology SolutionsTaleo is among the world’s largest human capital management technology providers with more than 4,200 organizations as customers processing more than 175 million candidates from 200 countries and territories in 30 languages. Among these clients include a range of government users, from the Department of Homeland Security to the City of Chicago. Children's Healthcare of AtlantaAs a member of the Talent Management Innovation in Government Group, Taleo is looked upon for expertise in all aspects of recruiting, from sourcing to onboarding to effectiveness measurement and quality of hire metrics. Taleo also offers performance management and compensation tools along with a full consulting services program.

For more information: Doug Natal dnatal@taleo.com 703-932-6354

Tutor LogoTutor.com helps ensure the success and effectiveness of government and military training programs. For over ten years, we have provided our government, corporate, educational, and military clients with the highest-rated and most scalable solution to provide one-to-one live learning in diverse subjects from academics to coaching and career help. By leveraging our proven solution for delivering persistent and distant learning, trainees are able to instantly connect live to a highly-qualified instructor or mentor online 24/7 to receive the help and support that they need, when they need it, with no appointment. Agencies are now able to readily maintain their human capital at a persistent peak state of performance, and greatly reduce what they are currently spending on training. The Tutor.com solution provides a unified multi-modal training environment with a robust set of tools to source and manage remote subject matter experts, increased trainee knowledge retention and awareness, and reduced time requirement for trainees to reach peak effectiveness. Contact us today for a free trial or demonstration and see how you too can save money on your learning initiatives. For more information: Michael Cerceo MCerceo@tutor.com 571-246-1591

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Human Capital Maturity Assessment (HCMA)

Human Capital Maturity AssessmentThe purpose of the HCMA is to establish an analytical basis for informing and developing a Human Capital Strategic Plan and a Talent Management Action Plan. This report places two important tools in the hands of the organization’s leadership:

  1. A reliable snapshot of the current state of talent management (in the opinion of its senior leadership, management and rank and file) -- a benchmark against which to measure the impact of future initiatives to improve talent management.
  2. An accurate analysis from which to set priorities and an agenda for action.

Design and Methodology:
The HCMA’s design is to provide organizations with a current snapshot of their workforce from a human capital perspective within the context of our Talent Lifecycle (see above under Human Capital Consulting). It is an independent, analytical and objective assessment that is structured to equip policy and decision makers with facts and figures to inform actions that will impact the entire workforce. It includes three original sources of data:

  • a Human Capital survey
  • a set of focus groups
  • a series of structured senior leader interviews

In addition, our research capability and experience in conducting these assessments has produced an extensive library of data that allows us to make benchmarking comparisons to both private and public sector organizations. Taken in their entirety, this combination of qualitative and quantitative data sources produce a comprehensive set of facts, figures and descriptions of current talent management practices in the organization.

For more information: Allan Schweyer allanschweyer@centerforhci.org 703-624-2011

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HCM Marketing

Monster Government Solutions provides the federal government with the tools and resources to succeed in building and growing a high performance workforce. Our products and services improve the recruitment experience, increase speed-to-hire, accelerate the on-boarding process and help with hard-to fill positions and hiring mandates. We also partner with state and local governments to create innovative, customized solutions that help put Americans back to work.

For more information: Lee Ramsayer lee.ramsayer@monster.com 301-509-1185

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Business Case Development

Business Case DevelopmentCHCI uses one of several systematic approaches to develop a business case. The business case is an in-depth study of an issue and has several uses. It can define the business need that the project seeks to meet. It can also be used at the conclusion of a study to identify the major findings and propose actions to achieve a desired outcome.

Typically a business case study includes some or all of these steps:

  1. Gather all relevant data to be used in the study. For example, if the study is to highlight a program's failure, data would be collected about the program, its processes and the client. Data could result from a combination of methods, including documentation, histories, records, questionnaires, interviews and observation.
  2. Organize data to highlight the focus of the study. This may be in chronological or topical order.
  3. Create a case study narrative. The narrative is similar to a highly readable story that integrates and summarizes key information around the focus of the case study. The narrative provides the outside reader with an understanding of the context of the situation. It may include data, related studies, interview results, and other relevant information.
  4. Provide Bench marking or best practices information accessed from our extensive database of data from both private and public sectors that may provide references for future action.
  5. Present findings or conclusions.

For more information: Meredith Camp meredithcamp@centerforhci.org 

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Social Network Analysis

Organizational Network Analysis

Social NetworksDr. Rob Cross of the University of Virginia and CHCI have collaborated to provide Organizational Network Analysis services to the US Government and Military. Dr. Cross is the world's foremost leader in social and organizational network analysis. He has worked with dozens of the world's largest and most successful organizations to help them understand how their "Informal Organizations" work. Successful government managers must understand the complex networks at play among the workforce to understand how information flows and work really gets done.

Organizational network analysis identifies the connectors and hubs of information flow in an organization. An executive who understands these dynamics can influence informal networks to accelerate change, address weaknesses, onboard employees faster, identify future leaders, transfer knowledge, improve performance and build more effective teams.

image mapOur ONA service includes a comprehensive survey of your organization using Individual Network Analysis (INA) surveys online. Employees complete the surveys (about 30 minutes) and are rewarded with immediate feedback and their own personal web sites from which they can manage and improve the depth and quality of their networks.

For the organization, INAs are aggregated and analyzed by experts at the University of Virginia. The results are displayed in network diagrams showing the strengths and vulnerabilities of your organization. CHCI creates and presents you with a full report, including opportunities and threats, based on the informal structure of your organization.

For more information: Allan Schweyer allanschweyer@centerforhci.org 703-624-2011

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Research and Analysis

graphCHCI has strong analytical capability and performs concentrated research on selected issues of concern to clients. This research focuses on such areas as human capital, talent maturity, workforce planning, and leadership development. This function offers timely, accurate, and unbiased statistical analyses integral to the needs of a client. CHCI provides quantitative data and analyses to enhance the management, organization and baseline knowledge for an organization. Many synopses of the research will be available on our website.

For more information: Allan Schweyer allanschweyer@centerforhci.org 703-624-2011

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Coaching and Mentoring

imageCHCI offers coaching and mentoring services to meet the leadership development needs of senior leaders, managers, and other high-performing individuals. CHCI has access to a professionally certified network of executive coaches. The coaches have diverse backgrounds and extensive experience providing services to both the private and public sectors.

The coaching and mentoring are customized to address the business needs of each client and target the client’s desired outcomes. Coaching and mentoring represent a human capital development strategy which enhances the professional capabilities, confidence, and competencies of the coachee.

For more information: Allan Schweyer allanschweyer@centerforhci.org 703-624-2011 

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Contractor Management

Contractor ManagementMBO Partners brings a unique and timely solution to the Talent Management Innovation in Government Group. About seventy-five percent of government work is produced by contractors, making cost, and performance management of this part of the workforce vital. The MBO Partners model provides GSA-approved outsourced contractor consolidation, payment, and payrolling services that let your agency increase its reliance on talented contract professionals—without the costly overhead they typically incur. MBO Partner’s services and tools provide greater efficiency and remarkable cost savings in the contractor administration processes.

Moreover, MBO Partners is proven to be the best engagement method for re-capturing retiring talent. Already, a variety of government agencies and departments are using MBO Partners to cost-effectively hire and manage contractors and to re-engage their best retirees as independent consultants.

For more information: Gene Zaino gzaino@mbopartners.com 703-793-6001

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PDRI Capabilities

PDRI CapabilitiesPDRI has over 35 years of experience in designing and implementing customized, innovative human capital solutions that drive bottom line results. Our products and thought leadership have been used in virtually every large-scale human capital reform effort in the Federal Government. We have a track record of high impact results for customers in the full spectrum of human capital and learning solutions, many of which delivered on our industry-leading automated platform.

Human Capital Strategic Planning. Helping organizations achieve their strategic goals through optimal acquisition and utilization of talent.

Competency Modeling. The unifying framework on which human capital systems are built, PDRI’s approach and automated tools – rooted in job/occupational analysis – have been used to develop enterprise competency models for all Federal Government civilian defense, homeland security, and intelligence agencies covering 750,000+ employees.

Work Process Design and Redesign. Identifying and mapping current and future processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness of performance.

Workforce Planning. Identifying and developing plans to acquire and ensure the right skills are available in the workforce to meet today’s and future mission requirements.

Recruiting and Retention
. Rigorous research and development of models and strategies to help organizations recruit and retain the most qualified talent.

Workforce Hiring. Award-winning, innovative, and proven assessment solutions that leverage technology to help agencies efficiently and effectively identify the best talent. A recognized assessment thought leader, PDRI was sought to prepare hiring Best Practice Guidelines for SHRM - Selection assessment methods: A guide to implementing formal assessments to build a high quality workforce.

Performance Management. PDRI’s performance management expertise, research, and industry-leading best practices have been widely recognized and are well-documented in many professional publications, best practices (for SHRM), and books – Performance management: A new approach for driving business results.

Workforce Development. Individual development and career tools and methods that drive organizational strategy – career pathing as described in our globally recognized best practice publication: Career paths: Charting courses to success for organizations and their employees.

Leadership Assessment and Development. Identify and grow the right leaders with the right capabilities to meet mission demands, from defining leadership needs to designing customized talent assessment tools.

On-line Assessment Services. Our industry-leading automated assessment platforms that enable assessment development, delivery of all types of assessment content on-line, and assessment scoring, combination, and reporting.

Instructional Systems Design. With expertise in all phases of the ISD process, PDRI bases our custom learning solution projects on our ADDIE-Q model, a spiral adaptation of the classic systematic approach with an emphasis on quality assurance.

Organization and Change Management. Working with organizations to conduct assessments and provide recommendations that enhance organizational performance and effectiveness.

For more information: Elaine D. Pulakos Elaine.Pulakos@pdri.com 703-522-7885

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Long Term Care Insurance Tools

Research on DemandWhile long term care insurance is an excellent option for addressing long term care needs, this insurance is not for everybody. The tools in this section are meant to help you determine whether long term care insurance is right for you. You can use the tools in any order by clicking on the links below or in the left-hand navigation of the screen.

  • The Cost of Care in Your Area tool allows you to calculate the average cost of care in 2011 (based on the most recent John Hancock Cost of Care Survey), for home health care, assisted living facilities and nursing homes in your area.
  • The Realities of Paying for Long Term Care Yourself tool helps you calculate how much money you will have saved by the time you anticipate needing care if you begin to set aside a certain amount of money each month starting now. It also compares what you will have saved with what the average cost of care in your area is expected to be at the time you anticipate needing care.
  • The Calculate FLTCIP Premiums tool allows you to calculate premiums yourself for the FLTCIP's four pre-packaged plans or a customized plan of your choice.
  • Once you've used all the tools, we recommend you click the GET MY SUMMARY link in the left-hand navigation of the screen for a print-friendly summary of your results.

If, at any time, you need help, click on the "Instructions" link at the top of each page. For further assistance, please do not hesitate to call us.

For more information: Joan Melanson jmelanson@ltcpartners.com 978-335-1736 

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Research on Demand

Research on DemandCHCI’s Research on Demand service is a highly cost-effective means of leveraging research, writing and presentation skills by the hour or by the day. For as little as $15/hr, a team of Masters level Human Capital Strategists™ will build your white paper, article, presentation or other documents, to your specifications, and usually within 2-3 business days.

Typical research products are 50-100 pages of summarized content on the topic of your direction. Each report is delivered electronically in Word and PDF formats, hyperlinked to sources and includes graphics and an index of references. Powerpoints are delivered in your template (or ours if you prefer).

Total costs for a custom research project or Powerpoint presentation rarely exceed $250. The next time you need a little extra help from a team of human capital subject matter experts to conduct custom research or build your presentation, contact us.

For more information: Allan Schweyer allanschweyer@centerforhci.org 703-624-2011

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